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Date: Wed Jan 07 2004 - 17:13:56 EST

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    > IMHO, a low radiant is REQUIRED if it is to easily visible for over 1000
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    > > I think it is unlikely that this event is related to the Quadrantids.
    > > radiant was a mere 7 degrees above the northern horizon for Madrid and a
    > day
    No, not necessarily. The fireball of the Glanerbrug meteorite fall in my
    country in 1990, which had its radiant at 40 degrees altitude, was seen from
    400 km distance of its location (i.e., it could be seen over an area of  at
    least 800 km wide): and that fireball, also a daylight one, wasn't as bright
    as this Spanish one, which must be at least mag -20 if I look at the video.
    An object that bright can be seen over quite some distance. If this fireball
    was over central Iberia, there would be no real problem seeing it both from
    the NW and the SE coast.
    But what really rules out the possibility of a Quadrantid, in an argument
    independant from whether the Spanish fireball traveled in a long flat
    trajectory or not, is that the direction of movement in the Leon video is
    opposite to what it should be if it was a Quadrantid.
    My remark about the low radiant altitude of the Quadrantids, was merely made
    because with such a low altitude, and the stream already a day past it's
    narrow peak, very little Quadrantid meteors would enter the Spanish
    atmosphere with such a low radiant altitude anyhow, so the statistical odds
    are not high in favour of a Quadrantid membership. But the remark about the
    wrong direction of movement in the Leon video, is a much stronger argument.
    - Marco
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