Re: Satellite reentry or meteor?

From: Oscar A. Rodriguez / PMEE-SPACE (
Date: Sun Jan 04 2004 - 19:26:33 EST

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    Hello everybody... and happy new year :-)
    I also have received some reports concerning those observations. The
    sighting area is approximately 1,000 kilometers long. Some witnesses
    report a greenish object leaving a trail. You can get a map of the
    sightings -from newspaper "El Mundo"- thought this link:
    Oscar (Cadiz, Spain - N36.31 W6.19)
    Rui C. Barbosa wrote:
      >Just a question. Hundreds of people witnessed today some fireballs in the
      >sky's of Galiza and northern Portugal. The fireballs were seen from
    the West
      >to East from Corunha to Lugo, Orense and Pontevedra (Galiza), and also on
      >Baleares, Albacete, Valência, Castellón, Madrid and Leon. There are
    news of
      >some fires on the ground and large bangs! Also in Portugal some 
    people say
      >they saw a burning object with a 3 meter tail.
      >Any help? I don't have any time of the ocorrence of the fireballs.
      >Rui C. Barbosa
      >Braga - Portugal
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