Satellite reentry or meteor?

From: Rui C. Barbosa (
Date: Sun Jan 04 2004 - 17:59:15 EST

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    Just a question. Hundreds of people witnessed today some fireballs in the
    sky's of Galiza and northern Portugal. The fireballs were seen from the West
    to East from Corunha to Lugo, Orense and Pontevedra (Galiza), and also on
    Baleares, Albacete, Valência, Castellón, Madrid and Leon. There are news of
    some fires on the ground and large bangs! Also in Portugal some people say
    they saw a burning object with a 3 meter tail.
    Any help? I don't have any time of the ocorrence of the fireballs.
    Rui C. Barbosa
    Braga - Portugal
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