Heaven's Above Reachability

From: Chris Peat (chris.peat@heavens-above.com)
Date: Wed Jan 29 2003 - 09:26:32 EST

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    Hi all,
    This is just to let you know that the present unreachability of
    Heavens-Above is caused by our Internet service provider blocking access
    to most network ports, including the DNS packets which are used to
    resolve names like www.heavnes-above.com into IP addresses like 
    They did this without informing me, and I have now requested the
    situation be corrected with the utmost urgency, but I have my doubts
    anything will happen for a few hours at least. In the meantime, you
    should be still able to access the server by replacing
    http://www.heavens-above.com with . 
    This problem is beyond our control, and is unrelated to the attack at
    the weekend by the Slammer worm.
    I apologise for this outage, and hope we will back in full operation as
    soon as possible. 
    On a more positive note, we have oredered a new, faster server which
    should improve response times and support more hits than the current set
    Chris Peat, Heavens-Above GmbH
    E-mail: chris.peat@heavens-above.com
    WWW: www.heavens-above.com
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