CHIPSat observations?

From: Will Marchant (
Date: Sat Jan 18 2003 - 13:56:17 EST

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    Dear SeeSat Readers:
    I'm still interested in any rotation rate information you can give me
    for CHIPSat.
    We calculate we're in a nice Bar-B-Q roll right now at a moderate rate
    so you might see interesting flashes.  We expect to start detumble
    activities Monday, so the rotation rate will go down.
    Please note that we've been using the ICESat orbit elements for antenna
    control so you may want to use those for your viewing.  Our contacts at
    NASA/NORAD are working this issue, so you may see the "identity" of
    CHIPSat and ICESat swapped.
    I'll throw in a CHIPS poster, pin, patch, and decal as well as the
    personalized "thank you" certificate for the first few people to get us
    useful CHIPSat rotation rate observations.
    Will Marchant
    -The best predictor of future performance is past performance- Dr Warren
    -Past screwups are the best predictor of future screwups- Donakowski's
    corollary to Jensen's Law
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