Ceasing my publication of elsets

From: Alan Pickup (alan@wingar.demon.co.uk)
Date: Fri Jan 17 2003 - 15:54:08 EST

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    I am sorry to announce that with effect from Sunday, January 19, I will 
    no longer be maintaining my various elset files (dklist, select, 
    iridiums, satbase, etc) on my website.
    I understand that USSPACECOM is concerned at my timely dissemination of 
    elsets and, rather than put myself in danger of losing sufficient access 
    to the data I need to support my decay predictions and analyses, I have 
    decided to cease my publication of elsets. I am seeking further guidance 
    on the issue but I suspect that the comprehensive updates to the satbase 
    file, made without special OIG access privileges but with the assistance 
    of other users, may be the prime concern.
    My apologies to those who will miss my elset files, and to those who 
    have weblinks to my elset page. My sincere thanks and appreciation go to 
    those who have assisted in the collection and provision of data.
    Alan Pickup / COSPAR 2707:  55.8968N   3.1989W   +208m   (WGS84 datum)
    Edinburgh  / SatEvo Home Page:   http://www.wingar.demon.co.uk/satevo/
    Scotland  / Decay Watch: http://www.wingar.demon.co.uk/satevo/dkwatch/
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