Re: ID unkown pls

From: Tony Beresford (
Date: Sat Jan 27 2001 - 15:18:18 PST

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    At 04:15 28/01/01 , wrote:
    >Cosmos 2372 was a bit higher than 35 deg, but it was bright, has a 64.7591 
    >deg inclination and was approaching due east at the time you mention. I'm not 
    >sure what the two pointers are, but Satellite Hunting shows its path running 
    >right over epsilon Carina (Avior), zeta Puppis (Naos) and rho Puppis.
    Thanks Stephen, that was indeed the path I remember. It doesnt appear on
    the Heavens-above output for Jan 27 for my site because the orbit database
    doesnt have a magnitude for it! An underestimate of elevation thru off
    FINDSAT no doubt!
    My thanks to Bjoern Gimle for replying as well. 
    Tony Beresford
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