Re: Lunar transit movie

From: Bruno Tilgner (
Date: Fri Jan 26 2001 - 12:25:06 PST

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     "John locker" <> wrote:
    >On a similar line , has anyone tried to image geosats during the solar
    >outage period ?
    >Over Europe we have a 7 sat constelltion (Astra 19.2 ) which during outage
    >would be grouped on the suns disc. There are other 4 or 5 sat groups in the
    >arc which would serve the same purpose.
    >Would it be possible to project a large image of the sun and identify these
    >craft ?....just a thought  !
    No, it would not be possible. At that distance the satellites are by far
    too small.
    Even satellites in low earth orbit, which would be at a distance of 1000
    to 2000 km from the observer, cannot be seen because the image would be
    wiped out by atmospheric turbulence.
    In this respect, it is interesting to see photographs taken of Mercury
    transits across the Sun. Such images have been published in SKY & TELESCOPE
    on several occasions.
    Perhaps, and I stress *perhaps*, it is possible to see such transits across
    the moon. To my knowledge, no *verifiable* observation has ever been made.
    Bruno Tilgner
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