SeaSat1 & IRIDIUM 25

From: denxku (
Date: Fri Jan 26 2001 - 21:14:49 PST

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    Waiting in the cold park in Berlins City Center
    abt. 52.533N 13.40E  50m asl,
    for a -8mag-flare from Ir-25,
    I noticed an object of abt. 0mag...+1mag, culminating
    "high" in the west, sailing from SSE to NNW,
    at "lower than usual LEO-speed". Itīs obvious orange hue, 
    slower speed and brightness fitted some 
    LACROSSE sightings last summer.
    The object slowly dimmed and passed about 2 deg east
    of DENEB (alpha Cyg) at 17.48:50 UTC at abt. +2mag.
    Back home I checked Heavens-Above including dimmer
    satellites (4.5mag) too, which is usually useless
    in the heart of the big city, but there it was - SeaSat1
    fitted the track, but
    predicted 3mag fainter than it appeared.
    Who knows why it is orange?
    Iridium 25 flared 18.58:31, but didnīt peak at -8mag
    (saw brighter ones)
    Clear Skies
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