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Date: Wed Jan 24 2001 - 08:23:38 PST

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    > > 5. Is any more information available on the lunar transit
    > > movie -- date and time, observer's location?
     >Yes there is.  A note about the video was also posted to the astro
     >mailing list.  This post included the text below, which I take to be
     >the original post to the fpspace list.
    > >At 08:16 PM 01/06/2001 +0100, Raoul Lannoy wrote:
    The problem is, the link from which the video came in the web
    page gives credit to a Don Gillette, not Raoul Lannoy. Also, the video
    appears to be taken from a telescope or at least a zoom on a video camera;
    Raoul only mentions binoculars.
    When I first saw the video I was sure it was a bird--having seen birds cross
    the moon on numerous occasions while viewing the moon in a telescope. Ed
    Cannon wrote, "In places along the track there are after-images or something
    almost like 'mouse tracks' on an old notebook computer (air turbulence?) "
    At first I thought that this is clearly wings flapping, however due to the
    discussion on SeeSat-L I'm now wondering if the effect isn't due to a
    function of the CCD(??). I also thought that it wasn't travelling in a
    straight line, which would eliminate a satellite. But laying the edge of a
    piece of paper along its track reveals that its track is straight (the
    "flashing" aspect of it gives the same phenomenon as EGP when it looks like
    it is hopping back an forth).
    I'm not as sure that it is a bird (although I still lean toward that
    conclusion). I'm certainly not convinced that it is a satellite.
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