Re : NOSS Trio

From: Patrick JL (
Date: Wed Jan 24 2001 - 02:23:32 PST

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     Jonathan wrote :
     "I was at today, and was looking at predictions for a
     NOSS satelllite (NOSS 2-2 (D), to be specific).  However, its predicted
     magnitude was +6 to +8.  Isn't that much fainter than what the observers
     on this list report?  I recall observers mentioning that they frequently
     see the NOSS satellites at naked-eye.  Maybe I'm confused; or's magnitude estimate is too faint?"
     I confirm we were three observers on August 24, 2000 02:23 UTC located at
     48.067 N, 04.133 E, to see naked-eyes NOSS 2-2 Trio as bright as est. mag +
     We were not at all expecting it, as concentrated on Jupiter sats. But NOSS
     Trio crossed so high and was so bright, you just could not avoid seeing it.
     Patrick J. Lumiot
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