Mir and Iridium 70 1/22/2001 AM

From: chiayk@pop.singnet.com.sg
Date: Mon Jan 22 2001 - 00:33:00 PST

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    Hi folks:
    I thought I saw Mir through low level clouds as she sailed below the 
    old cresent Moon in the east. It was much brighter than the predicted 
    mag +2.7.  
    Twenty over minutes later, viewed Iridium 70 from a crowded bus stop. 
    Ir 70 put out a cloud-piercing flare -search light flare [predicted -8] 
    at 67 degree elevation. (sun was ~5.5 degree below horizon).  I bet no 
    one know what I was observing...
    Long 103.80255E, Lat 1.45N,+20M, +8 GMT
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