Re: Google search finds nothing?

From: Rod Sladen (
Date: Sun Jan 21 2001 - 07:48:50 PST

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    Bjoern Gimle wrote:
    > I tried to search SeeSat archives ( which has worked well 
    > before. Now it doesn't even find simple words like 
    > 'satellite'  or 'observation'.
    A similar problem seems to happening with searches from the Google home page.
    Searching for "Iridium 73", for instance, throws up a few matches, two of which
    are from  Selecting the "More results from"
    link throws up an error 'Your search - "Iridium 73"
    - did not match any documents'.
    It looks as if the "site:" (inserted by Google!) is no longer being recognised
    by Google as a keyword.
    Repeating the search after deleting the "site:" throws up a list of matches,
    and *then* selecting "repeat the search with the omitted results included" finally
    throws up a sensible list!
    Not an elegant workaround!
    Rod Sladen, Beeston, Nottinghamshire, UK, 52.923N, 1.219W
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