Shenzhou-2 timeline, orbital module plans

From: Allen Thomson (
Date: Fri Jan 19 2001 - 06:54:43 PST

  • Next message: Jim McManus: "Re: Possible observation of USA 116" has a timeline of the SZ-2 flight,
    including major orbital maneuvers.  It also says that,
    "...the Orbital Module w[ill] remain in orbit to conduct further
    observations for another six months...
    "After 8 days 4 hours in space, SZ-2 Orbital Module was in an orbit of 388.2
    x 404.4 km inclined at 42.6 deg and a period of 92.5 minutes. The present
    orbit has been raised since the module separated from the Descent Module.
    The previous average altitude of the Orbital Module was 337.8 km. The higher
    altitude prolongs the orbital life of the module."
    Random speculation:  Since the OM has a docking adapter, I wonder if a
    rendezvous with SZ-3 might be planned.
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