Re: portable atomic clocks

From: Jeff Hamilton (
Date: Thu Jan 18 2001 - 17:32:53 PST

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    I use World Time 5 from It's freeware, uses NTP format, has a
    list of servers and will cycle through them to find one online with valid
    time. It also has an extensive customizable list of cities around the world
    with lat/lon, time zone, and other info. You can set it to sync at defined
    intervals if you have an always on internet connection, or sync manually
    whenever you wish. I'm completely satisfied with it.
    I'm new to this list, and this is my first posting after reading for a week.
    If I've violated some as yet undetected protocol, don't everybody flame me
    at once, but somebody correct me and it won't happen again. Thanks,
    34.4868N, 86.5970W
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