Iridium light curves

From: Allen Thomson (
Date: Thu Jan 18 2001 - 08:54:35 PST

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    Greg Roberts said,
    > Hi All
    > These observations were made using my CoSaTrak system whilst doing
    > positional observations. The satellite/s were normally observed for at
    > least two minutes of the transit.
    Can you construct actual light curves from videos of satellite passes?  If
    so , it might be intresting to look at near-zenith non-flaring Iridium
    passes.  I suspect you'd find deep minima, as the body of the satellite
    would mostly be behind the main mission antennas and the antennas would be
    reflecting empty space -- kind of an "anti-flare".
    There might be other geometries that would produce the same effect --
    perhaps IRIDFLAR could be modified to calculate them. (Such a modified
    program would naturally be called IRIDDIM. :)
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