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Date: Wed Jan 17 2001 - 22:54:48 PST

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    > I'm looking for the list of geostational inclined (unstable?) 
    > satellites, which are avaible now.  Can you advise me some 
    > resources of this kind?
    Perhaps Jonathan McDowell's "Geostationary Orbit Catalog" would
    be useful.  It's in two parts, and besides identification, the 
    second part includes the following data:
    ] * (7) GEO status code [categorized by rate of drift]
    ] * Orbital period, minutes 
    ] * Perigee x apogee (km) x inclination (deg) 
    ] * Longitude of ascending node, deg 
    ] * Geostationary longitude, deg E or W 
    ] * Drift rate in degrees/day 
    The above and the links to the two parts of the catalog are on
    this page:

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