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Date: Wed Jan 17 2001 - 02:45:35 PST

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    On Wed, 17 Jan 2001, Tom Wagner wrote:
    > Also, do any of you people from around the world have clock software in your
    > computer that checks the atomic clock time off the internet at a user
    > defined interval? Does a computer need a special "card" to go along with the
    > software that you have?
    > To any of these, what type of clock/watch/software did you choose and what
    > do you think of it? Where could I get one and about how much we talking
    > about$?
    Look for something that uses NTP.  NTP is the Network Time Protocol, which
    is the "official" (if any one is) time synchronisation protocol on the
    internet. That way you'll have the most reference clocks to choose from,
    and a time-proven system.
    There are several NTP packages for MacOS, Windoze, AmigaOS, BeOS, VMS etc,
    and most unix flavors come with an xntpd (a background NTP synchronizer).
    Look at for a fairly large
    software listing, and to
    find public clocks to syncronise with.
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