Re: SZ-2 Re-entry?

From: Phillip Clark (
Date: Tue Jan 16 2001 - 21:43:24 PST

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    On Tue, 16 Jan 2001, Richard Fredrick wrote:
    > Just downloaded a set of elements from OIG and was surprised to see the
    > following:
    > SZ-2    Decayed: 2001/01/16
    > 1 26664U 01001A   01016.50878472  .00109662  00000-0  63790-3 0   448
    > 2 26664  42.5849 313.7410 0011803 316.0135  21.6124 15.77290241  1071
    > Can anyone please either confirm or deny this?
    What you need to know is that often the people at USSPACECOM don't know
    what they are doing !
    I believe that they had not realised that SZ 2 had come down and started
    to issue element sets for the forward (orbital) module under the
    international designator and catalogue number of the spacecraft
    itself.   Once the error was realised the new catalogue number and
    international designator were issued.
    If you look back at the data issued for Shen Zhou 1 in 1999 you will find
    that there was a veritable "musical chairs" as orbital data were switched
    between object numbers, and it took a while to sort out what was what
    purely on the basis of looking at the orbital data and ignoring the
    catalogue numbers.
    It's so good to know that the future of the free world relies upon
    USSPACECOM's ability to know exactly what is happening "up there" ! :-)
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