Observations from Oklahoma City

From: MALEY, PAUL D. (JSC-DO) (paul.d.maley1@jsc.nasa.gov)
Date: Mon Jan 15 2001 - 05:05:52 PST

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    While visiting Oklahoma City on January 14 two observations were made:
    Shenzou 2 was seen low in the northwest and was in fact 3 minutes late at
    0121UT. It appeared at magnitude +5 brightening to +4.2 before quickly
    entering the earth's shadow.
    Iridium 2 (which had failed while moving between orbit planes) was observed
    at 0044 UT as a faint object of magnitude +5.5 to 7 with no discernible
    period. This was a post-sunset pass low in the eastern sky.
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