Re: Stardust flyby

From: Ralph McConahy (
Date: Sun Jan 14 2001 - 22:12:08 PST

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    An earlier post, quoting George Lewis of JPL, stated:
    > ...With these assumptions, the brightest magnitudes that
    > were obtained were about +15 at slant ranges of around 15,000 km.
    > If we assume that a favorable spacecraft orientation would result
    > in a magnitude difference of +5 then these brightest values would
    > become +10.
    I attempted to view Stardust with a Meade ETX-90 telescope using Stardust's
    positions from the JPL Horizons web site. My magnitude limit was between
    +11.0 and +11.5. I searched from 0240 UT to 0550 UT (at which time clouds
    moved in).  Negative sighting.
      Ralph McConahy
      34.8829N  117.0064W  670m
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