STS-98 trajectory plots

From: Rick Baldridge (
Date: Sun Jan 14 2001 - 17:53:11 PST

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    A few plots showing a typical STS/ISS mission ground tracks have been posted
    on my PhotoPoint album.
    Plot showing track up the East Coast of the USA at:
    Plot showing track over Europe at:
    >  John Locker wrote:
    This Friday's launch may present a visual opportunity for UK
    observers.Looking at launch time / window there's a chance that we may see
    the shuttle on the climb out around 0735-0740 .....subject of course to
    clear skies :O(
    Can anyone confirm this ?
    Thanks ,
    SKYMAP plot showing track relative to the stars as viewed from London,
    England can be seen at:
    STS and the external tank should be visible, but bright twilight (sun -3.44
    degrees from London) will interfere.  Viewing better westward (Ireland).
    Plot assumes launch at 7:11:00 GMT Jan 19th.  STS passes London 21 minutes
    after launch (7:32 GMT). Good luck.
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