Re: Obs Jan 13 (Shenzhou rkt)

From: Ron Lee (
Date: Sun Jan 14 2001 - 11:23:42 PST

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    >Shenzhou was about a +2 mag for most of its short pass in the western sky 
    >(23:48).  Before it entered eclipse it brightened to about a +1 mag.
    My only obs of this had it closer to 7th magnitude.
    >The Shenzhou Rk flashed to about a -1 mag once.  As it was passing at the 
    >same time as the Shenzhou, I basically ignored it to concentrate on the 
    In my opinion the rocket is more interesting.  Tonight I have a pass
    to the north of zenith so its flash characteristics may be different
    than observed before.  It is possible it may be very bright for a longer
    time if last nights zenith pass is an indicator.
    Ron Lee
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