Re: Titan II / DMSP Launch

From: Rick Baldridge (
Date: Sat Jan 13 2001 - 16:24:17 PST

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    The only thing I got on a Titan-II launch was from the Lockheed/Martin
    website about an NOAA-L launch.  It gives the following info, but I don't
    know how much you count on this being close to a DMSP launch.  However, the
    inclination for the NOAA-L was 98.7, close to that needed for a sun-sync
    DMSP launch.  The NOAA atlitude is also very close to the final DMSP
    altitude (14.148 Revs/day for DMSP -- 14.098 for NOAA-L) so the performance
    specs should be close.
    Stage 1 Shutdown -- T + 150.2 sec
    Stage1/2 Sep  T + 151.2
    Jettison Fairing  T + 224.0
    Stage 2 Payload Sep  T + 391.0
    That's all I have.  No Lat, Long, altitude or the like.
    Per Brian's request, if anyone can supply additional information, I may be
    able to reconstruct a SKYMAP trajectory file (.trj) for this launch and make
    custom plots for other observer's locations.
    Rick Baldridge
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    Subject: Titan II / DMSP Launch
    > Hi:
    > There is a Titan II / DMSP launch next week from Vandenberg AFB. The
    > will occur during deep morning twilight and there will probably be a nice
    > twilight effect when the booster climbs into sunlight and the exhaust
    > is illuminated.
    > Does anyone happen to have the time, altitude, and downrange distance (or
    > coordinates) of the following events for next week's launch? Information
    > from a previous Titan II / DMSP launch would suffice.
    > Stage 1 Cutoff
    > Stage 2 Ignition
    > Stage 2 Cutoff
    > Payload Faring Jettison
    > Regards,
    > Brian Webb
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