Start-1 R/B decayed

From: Harro Zimmer (
Date: Fri Jan 12 2001 - 03:44:26 PST

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    Report time 11:00 UTC
    1997-010B (#24745) Start-1 R/B
    In its FINAL REPORT - prepared Jan 12, 09:32 UTC - SPACECOM shows the decay on
                       12 January, 07:33 UTC +/-30 minutes (29.9S, 71.7E)
    on a northbound pass over the Indian Ocean.
    My final analysis with MPM + REENTRY delivers with the last three ELSETs
    01011.954... - 01012.197...  the decay on
                       12 January, 07:28 UTC +/- 11 minutes (51.63S, 77.95E)
    on the same pass also over the Indian Ocean.
    It was nearly impossible to predict the decay behaviour with the known (and 
    correct ?) object parameters (mass, drag area under the assumption of random 
    tumbling and drag cofficient CD). Only an empirical derived ballistic coef- 
    ficient (based on 5 ELSETs) delivered  a realistic approach.
    Berlin, Germany
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