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Date: Wed Jan 10 2001 - 10:41:25 PST

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    I received the book "Fundamentals of Astrodynamics" yesterday in the mail
    from for $10 U.S.  It seems to be a great book.  Written in
    1971 (by B.-M.-W.), it was originally a textbook for U.S. Air Force,
    etc., students entering the astrodynamics and spaceflight arena.  I think
    it will greatly enhance my comprehension of orbits.  Includes planetary
    orbits, too (meaning that you can learn the math necessary to take a
    spacecraft from Earth orbit, take it to gravity-assisted maneuvers, and
    arrive in orbit of Jove - like Galileo).  Greatly recommend it!  Cheap,
    too!  A sample question (it IS a textbook, after all) from just the first
    chapter: if a satellite is in a 100mi x 600mi orbit, what is its period?
    A question:  is there any place in the world where you can get a
    degree/certificate/diploma in astrodynamics/"orbitology"?  Not only to I
    seek to gain a greater mathematical grasp of one of my most favorite
    hobbies, but I also hope to advance toward the pursuit a landing a career
    in spaceflight.
    Anyone else read this book?
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