Re: Has OIG "lost" Iridium 84 ?

From: Rod Sladen (
Date: Tue Jan 09 2001 - 02:37:44 PST

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    Tony Beresford ( wrote:
    >At 23:15 8/01/01 , Rod Sladen wrote:
    >>no more recent TLEs for Iridium 84 have appeared.
    >This condition still exists at 07:12Ut Jan 9., Rod.
    >>Does this mean that OIG have "lost" it?
    >However its US SPACECOM who are producing the elements, not 
    >OIG.  OIG just put  up for internet access those elements that
    >are consired suitable for public consumption, as instructed by 
    >NASA HQ and the  US DOD.
    This is probably the crux of the matter.  SPACECOM must surely have found Iridium
    84.  Maybe they have not yet been able to confirm *what* it is, and hence the
    elements have not been released to OIG!
    The strange thing is that the one elset showing the major orbital adjustment
    *was* released.  SPACECOM must presumably have been quite confident of the identification
    at that time.
    We can but wait, (and watch)!
    Rod Sladen, Beeston, Nottinghamshire, UK, 52.923N, 1.219W
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