Has OIG "lost" Iridium 84 ?

From: Rod Sladen (rodsladen@crosswinds.net)
Date: Mon Jan 08 2001 - 04:45:51 PST

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    Since the elset that I reported in an earlier message,
    IRIDIUM 84
    1 25530U 98066D   01005.63685683 -.18147655  00000-0 -55546+1 0  1485
    2 25530  86.5376 340.1197 0002257 311.1302  49.0069 14.51006879116045
    no more recent TLEs for Iridium 84 have appeared.  Does this mean that OIG have
    "lost" it?
    This actually raises the question of how OIG identifies objects that have had
    a major orbital adjustment.  Presumably, the disappearance of an object from
    its predicted position combined with the appearance of an unknown object will
    prompt an attempt to match old with new.
    On the assumption that Iridium 84 is being raised to fill the gap left by the
    removal of Iridium 9, it might be worth anyone with good sightings of Iridium
    orbital plane 5 to look out for it (or for flares from it).  It should be midway
    between Iridium 53 and Iridium 10.  An old elset for Iridium 9 from before is
    was lowered last September should give a good guide to where to look, maybe
    accurate to within a few seconds.
    Rod Sladen, Beeston, Nottinghamshire, UK, 52.923N, 1.219W
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