Re: Gorizont 29 aux motor decay alert

From: Tony Beresford (
Date: Sat Jan 06 2001 - 19:31:03 PST

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    At 12:12 6/01/01 , Mike Wendt (GUM) wrote:
    >      One question.  Discounting weather, how far is the observation
    >horizon from a reentry?
    >                    Mike.  (Getting ready for Mir to rain in my back yard.)
    Welcome to active status on Seesat,Mike
    The range to the horizon from an object at height H aove a sphere
    of radius R is SquareRoot ( H*H + 2.*H*R) by pythagoras's theorem.
    Putting in easy numbers of H= 100Kmm R= 6378 gets distance = 1140Km.
    Using the same formula and a height of 10Km (36,000Ft or so) for your
    working cocpit gives a range of about 350Km. So when flying you could
    just see something 1400-1500Km away.
    Tony Beresford
    Adelaide So. Australia
    -34.9638, 138.6333E
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