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Date: Sat Jan 06 2001 - 10:09:39 PST

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    Cees Bassa wrote:
    > Hello List,
    > I
    > The Destiny module is a cilinder of some 3 to 4 meters in diameter and 10?
    > meters long (I'm guessing here, couldn't find it on the net). As far as 
    Total overall length is 8.999 meters (354.3 in) including CBM (Common
    Berthing Mechanism), contact surface-to-contact surface 8.778 m (345.6
    Cylindrical part is 7.677 m (302.2 in) long.
    Diameter (without pins for fastening to shuttle payload bay) is 4.444 m
    (175.0 in). There ae on he hull of Destiny only fastening pins (4
    "horizontal", 1 keel, max. distance from centerline 2.494 m ie. 98.2 in
    for horintal ones and 2.899 m ie. 114.1 in for keel one, respectively) a
    two RMS attach points.
    > know there isn't much attached to it on
    > the outside, making it a good reflector.
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