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From: Rick Oestmann (
Date: Fri Jan 05 2001 - 15:10:48 PST

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    I created a web page containing some of the
    satellite art work and pictures that I have collected.
    The page is really simple: NORAD TLE list left, PICTURE of
    SATELLITE right.
    I like to refer to this collection while doing my observations.
    I also added PIC formatted pictures that I us for my SNP
    satellite images.  This page is still under development
    and is in a state of constant update.  I have only added 48 out of
    571 images and I am still coding....
    If you know of any better pictures than the ones that I display,
    email me with the attachment and I will add it.
    Also any corrections are very much welcome.
    The TLE list is from the US Space Command Ames FTP server.
    I am aware of the decay list and the page will reflect the correct
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