Lunar Iridium Flare #5, 4 Jan 2001

From: Ron Lee (
Date: Thu Jan 04 2001 - 00:55:15 PST

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    Observed #5 at 08:26:11 UT on 4 Jan 2001.  Iridium 7 (#24793).
    The moon had set behind the mountains about 10 minutes earlier.
    The satellite appeared to be running about 1 second slow.  Again
    I observed a fading near my target star, then brightened and seemed
    to fade before it left the field of view.  It was visible as it
    entered the field of view.
    Magnitude perhaps 7.5 which is 0.5 magnitude brighter than predicted.
    (of course I usually assigned a magnitude estimate uncertainty of
    Ron Lee
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