Cosmos 2368 Objects

Date: Thu Jan 20 2000 - 16:55:12 PST

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    At 00:31:52 21 Jan UTC Cosmos 2368 r1 #26043 99073B passed approx 10 deg to
    the left (East) of Saturn. It has a slow tumble rate, at times becoming
    invis at 1X and then reaching approx -2mag. No timings were made as i didn't
    expect it to put on a show. My previous obs of it didn't indicate such a
    A few minutes later Cosmos 2368 pl #26044 99073C was to come by but again i
    did not see it at 1x and i tried with my 10x50s but no luck either. I caught
    a brief glint in the area but didn't find anything when i searched. Twilight
    was still present and the moon was still bright.
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