Re: Cosmos 2228?

Richard_G_Hines (
Sat, 02 Jan 1999 01:14:47 -0500

I saw this sat in 1997. Wrote in my log that it was Mag 6 with glittery
brightness variations. Not a very scientific description, but that was my
visual perception. 

Your description sounds consistent with mine. I'm sure you saw it.

Richard Hines
Lexington, SC
At 07:09 PM 1/1/99 -0500, you wrote:
>I've been working though Kelso's 100 (or so) Brightest Satellites (about 140
>satellites) for over a year.  Have about 20 more satellites I'd like to
>spot.  Last night was hunting for Cosmos 2228 (NORAD catalog number 22286).
>Caught it go through the constellation Perseus around 22:43 UTC, Jan. 1, and
>continued to track it about another minute.  I'm wondering if I saw this LEO
>Cosmos satellite. It appeared to get brighter quite irregularly and was
>visible the whole time.  I was expecting to see a fairly constant magnitude,
>but this object seemed to vary better than a few magnitudes.  It almost
>seemed like it was out of control.  Any clues? 
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