Introduction & Mac Iridium Flare Software

Chris Wyatt (
Fri, 30 Jan 1998 16:07:09 PST

This is to introduce myself, Chris Wyatt, to the SeeSat list server. I 
have only recently got on to e-mail on the net, but have observed 
satellites since the early 1960's. I only get one or two chances per 
week to read my e-mail, this is because I have net use thru my local 
library. This service is free, my reason for using Hotmail as my E-mail 

I do have one querry, does anybody know of a Macintosh program that will 
deterime if an Iridium or other satellites will flare, when passing 
over. I have seen by accident two Iridium flares two magnitude zero when 
I heard they could get to magnitude -6.

Thanking You,

Chris Wyatt.

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