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Wed, 28 Jan 1998 18:46:11 -0400

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(actually I didn't.  I was just repeating information provided by Vladimir.)

>>6) Feb 01               Progress M-37 deorbit burn

Jeff Hunt <> questioned -

>The latest mission status report for Jan 23 from NASA on the shuttle-mir
>page has Progress M-37 redocking with Mir after Soyuz TM-26 departs with
>the Mir 24 Crew shortly after Feb 19. First the Mir 25 Crew re-docks
>their TM-27 vessel at the other end of Mir (the forward axial docking
>port) so the Progress can then redock at the Kvant module for an
>undisclosed time period.
>Has there been a change in plans for the Progress vessel?

no, just a lack of decision.  At today's (1-28) mission status briefing
lead flight director Phil Engelhauf said that NASA and RSA were discussing
whether the Progress should do an immediate deorbit or remain in space
until after the Tm-26 vehicle departs in February.

I would hope that the decision would be made within a couple of days ...

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