Re: Disco ball into orbit

Patrick Wiggins (
Tue, 27 Jan 1998 13:09:46 +0000

Craig Cholar wrote:
> Since we are on the subject of "Disco Balls",  maybe some of the people
> new to satellite observing would like to see one that is already in orbit.
> EGP, or "Ajisai", is a 2.2m (7 foot) diameter sphere covered with 318
> mirrors and 1436 corner-cube reflectors, launched by Japan in 1986.


> Although it can _just_ be seen without optical aid under dark skies...

	I spoke to the guy behind Starshine about EGP, asking how anyone could
see Starshine when the much larger EGP is so hard to see.  He said that
when it was first launch EGP was a very easy naked eye object and that
he figures Starshine will also be bright.

Clear skies!

Patrick  :-)
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