Bye NEAR; last starchart #6

Joan and David Dunham (
Sat, 24 Jan 1998 17:54:22 -0500

Below is information about the last chart showing NEAR's path in
Musca, but I it think that few, if any, of you will be able to
record NEAR, which will probably be 22nd or 23rd magnitude during
January 25th U.T.

Chart 6, to be placed soon on IOTA's Web site at, shows NEAR's path across 
part of Musca for several cities on 1998 January 25.  The tick marks 
are at half-hour intervals.  Most hour tick marks are labelled with 
just the integer hour so that "6" would mean 6:00 U.T.  As can be 
seen from the larger region of Chart 5, Chart 6 is about 1 deg. west 
and a little north of 4.0-mag. gamma Muscae, which can additionally 
be located on the wider area of Chart 3.  The brightest star on the 
chart is 8.3-mag. SAO 256925.  The plot is based on the ACT catalog, 
but I have added many stars from the Guide Star Catalog from a "Sky" 
(from Software Bisque) plot of part of the field to make coverage 
complete to about 13th mag.  For most stars brighter than mag. 12.0, 
I have written the magnitude of the star to a tenth of a mag., but 
leaving out the decimal point.  So "119" would be for a star of mag. 
11.9.  A few of the faintest stars shown are 14th mag., but the plot 
is not complete to that magnitude.                     

David Dunham, IOTA, 1998 Jan. 24, 23h U.T.