Re: 91- 46 A = Gorizont 23

Tony Beresford (
Sat, 24 Jan 1998 13:04:39 +1000

At 17:07 22/01/98 GMT, Kurt Jonckheere wrote:
>Gorizon 23 = 91- 46 A = 21533  was last observed by Ron Lee, 
>already two weeks ago.
>91-046 A 98-01-07 02:10      RGL 2547.9 0.5  50 50.96 
>As it was over America two weeks ago, it is now observable from
>Australia and Asia.  
>How will the period have changed ??  Who makes the next observation,
>(Vince or others) ?
Saw 91-46A flashing last night from the backyard[34.97S,138.63E] with 7x50's
at 11:50UT Jan 23. Az 42, el 36 [from Trakstar]. Sharp flashes up
to maybe mag 4 , with nothing visible in between. Over the 10 minutes
I was looking the flashes were not of equal brightness but couldnt
detect a pattern.
By the time I took another look, all set up to measure period at 1300UT,
flashing was not visible. Will try again tonite and next few weeks.
Tony Beresford