Skymap 6.1

Neil Clifford (
Wed, 21 Jan 1998 20:09:16 +0000 (GMT)

It's out and about! is at

Note that this is the math coprocessor version. I'll place the
non-coprocessor version at the above site when I have it (I'm posting
this now since Near is near). Rob Matson details the changes:

Ordinarily I'd wait until more changes had been encorporated before
issuing a new version of SkyMap.  However, due to the bug with plotting
rocket trajectories (you can't with 6.0!), and the usefulness of this
feature for plotting the NEAR trajectory, I've put together v6.1. 

Here are the changes as they appear in SKY61.NEW:
Mods from SkyMap 6.0 to 6.1
o    DOS SORT command can fail when attempting to chronologically sort
     large report files.  SkyMap now checks if the SORT command failed,
     and if so, retains the unsorted file as the report file.
o    Equation for Delta-T updated based on recent IERS (International
     Earth Rotation Service) data.  Formula for extrapolation to future
     years improved.
o    Adding track query function in version 6.0 introduced bug with
     plotting rocket trajectories.  Bug fixed.
o    User can now define standard magnitude for rockets (default is
     5.5).  Command is F6 under Rocket Menu.  Corresponding parameter
     in configuration file is "ROCKETMAG".  With this addition, rocket
     tracks can now be tagged with their visual magnitude.  Also, query
     function now works with a rocket track.

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