TLE's & Common names

Ralph McConahy (
20 Jan 1998 10:53:59 -0800

     Does anyone on SeeSat-L know of a web page or other resource where a 
     person can cross-reference between the NORAD/International numbers 
     found in TLEs and the common spacecraft name?
     As an example, MIR = 16609 = 86-17 A. This one is quite common and if 
     I only know the name (MIR) I can find the other numbers fairly easy 
     because so many people talk about it. But what about other, less 
     common, satellites when only the name is known?
     As a hobby I enjoy looking for satellites in the morning & evening sky 
     (1x, 10 x 50 binoculars, and 90mm telescope). At work I'm concerned 
     with radio frequency interference caused by satellites. I have a 
     database that gives various satellite telecommunications parameters 
     but all the satellites are listed by common name (e.g. Astro-D, ICE, 
     ACE, POLAR, to name some of the more common ones). If I want to 
     correlate a satellite's ground track with a particular time I need its 
     elset. I can get the elsets easy enough from the internet so I have 
     the data. Problem is, which elset goes with which common name 
       Ralph McConahy
       34.8829N  117.0064W  670m