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There was a visible glint from the solar panels a few days ago, last night an on-board laser was directed at the east coast of the US, but the "main event" is Thursday night- Friday morning when the solar panels will be moved to direct a bright reflection across various populated areas of the US. 
Dr Dunham, one of the members of the NEAR "team" is also president of the International Occultation Timing Assoc and the IOTA home page has very clear descriptions of the events with groundtrack maps of the craft and the areas to be illuminated, and star charts to locate the craft at


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>There have been a number of messages here and other places about
>spotting NEAR.  Some talk about determining the exact location of the
>craft which would seem to indicate the glint will be hard to see.  
>Other discussions, which have even made it into the press, talk about
>going out this Thursday night / Friday morning and simply looking up and
>seeing the craft with the naked eye.
>Are these two separate events (or am I just very confused)?  :-)
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