Re: NEAR clarification, please

Ron Lee (
Mon, 19 Jan 1998 13:00:38 -0700

You may have seen mesages about a laser type test to have occurred this 
past weekend.   The real event that you should look for is the sunglint
one scheduled for the 0630 UT timeframe on 23 Jan  (thursday here in
the western USA).  If you need pointing angles and/or SKYMAP plots of
the spacecraft I can provide that courtest of several other folks work
(Bjoern, Mike McCants, Randy John)

Ron Lee

>There have been a number of messages here and other places about
>spotting NEAR.  Some talk about determining the exact location of the
>craft which would seem to indicate the glint will be hard to see.  
>Other discussions, which have even made it into the press, talk about
>going out this Thursday night / Friday morning and simply looking up and
>seeing the craft with the naked eye.
>Are these two separate events (or am I just very confused)?  :-)
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