NEAR NLR test WILL be tonight

Joan and David Dunham (
Sun, 18 Jan 1998 17:47:17 -0500

The NEAR NLR test will be conducted tonight (Jan. 19th UT, 0h54m start,
3h50m central, 6h44m end).  The finder charts mentioned in my last message
are not on the Web sites yet, but they should soon be up on the site (probably will be by the time you receive this) and 
they should follow in perhaps half an hour on the site.
A description is that NEAR will be very close to 8.9-mag. SAO 77150
for observers in northern South America (actually there at about 3h UT;
NEAR will appear for most to drift from east to west by about 0.7 min.
of R.A. from start to end, mainly due to parallax and the Earth's rota-
tion).  It will be about 0.1 deg. south of the star for observers in
North America, 0.12 deg. south and staying west of the star for those
in Europe, and about 0.1 deg. north and a little west of the star for
those in southern Brazil to Chile.  SAO 77150 is at about J2000 
position RA 5h 24.7m, Dec. +20 deg. 53'.

David Dunham, IOTA and NEAR Mission Design