NEAR NLR test probable for tonight

Joan and David Dunham (
Sun, 18 Jan 1998 16:29:13 -0500

     There are still some clouds, but it is now mostly clear at
my location about 5 km from the Goddard Optical Facility, so
I think that the NEAR laser ranger test will be performed
tonight, starting about 3 hours from now.  Tomorrow night's
forecast is cloudy with a chance of snow, so I believe that
if the NRL test is done at all, it will be performed tonight.
I have faxed 5 star charts, with the smallest field one showing
the path of NEAR among the stars as seen from several major
cities, for placing on IOTA's Web sites.  The first posting,
probably within half an hour after you receive this, if not
already, will be at
By about 21:30 UT, they should also be posted at IOTA's other
site at
I'll send another message as soon as I here the final word
from NEAR Mission Operations.

David Dunham, IOTA and NEAR Mission Design