NEAR NLR test maybe tonight?

Joan and David Dunham (
Sun, 18 Jan 1998 14:50:20 -0500

     This afternoon, it is partly cloudy in Maryland, and is expected to
stay that way into the early evening, then there will be increasing clouds.
But a decision to perform the NEAR NLR test might not be made until as
late as 23:15 UT, but it could be as early as 22:00 UT (2 hours from now).
Since the situation might be worse tomorrow night, the last chance to
perform the test, it may be done tonight.  I am almost finished preparing
the finder charts for the event, and will send them for posting on the
IOTA Web sites in about an hour.  When I learn of a final go/no go
decision on the test from NEAR Mission Operations, I will send another
     David Dunham, IOTA and NEAR Mission Design