A question about NEAR flyby

Brian Howell (bhowell@ifx.net)
Fri, 16 Jan 1998 18:15:59 -0500


I have been reading about the NEAR flyby of earth and I would like to be
able to see it.  I downloaded the quicktime movie that shows where the
spacecraft will be reflecting the sun back on Earth. I live in Aiken, SC:
Lat. 33.5330, Lon. -81.7170 Elev. 160 Meters.  The animation shows that the
craft will refelect here at about 06:30 and 48sec, UT I guess it is.  But I
can't find what direction it will come from (N,S,E,W)and how many degrees
above the horizon it will be(30,45,90)?  Can anyone calculate for me the
direction and elevation and exact time the sat will be visible for my
location?  Or can anyone point me in the direction of a graphical prog that
will plot the sat for my location on a starchart that shows the direction,
elevation and the track and time of the sat?  I have only started to look
at sats and am not very good at locating stars in the sky from a chart.  I
have been using programs that show me the time, direction, elevation, and
track of the sat. Which is the easiest for me.  If there is such a prog on
the net for this flyby or if anybody can provide me with this kind of
information of the flyby I will be very greatful.

Thanks for any help you can provide,