Re: Iridium 27 Strobe Obs. & TRMM

Mon, 12 Jan 1998 07:19:20 EST

I had written Jan. 6, 1998 referring to Iridium 27 "strobing":

<< The duration of the flashes was very short but the magnitude was 
plenty to see easily with the unaided eye, maybe -1 to -2.  >>

FWIW, upon "reflection" , I have been thinking since the post that
my magnitude estimate was probably too high.  Probably 0 to -1
is closer.  I don't feel comfortable about estimating magnitudes and
perhaps should refrain from attempts unless there is some known
magnitude star or planet nearby.  My attempt was an effort to keep
from just saying words like "bright", "dim", "not so bright", etc.

Jake Rees
Burbank, Calif., USA