Mir, Soyuz TM-27 & STS-89

Jeff Hunt (jeff@satellite.eu.org)
Fri, 9 Jan 98 09:13:12

Starting on Jan 29, after 16:52 UT when Soyuz TM-27 is planned to be 
launched, Mir, TM-27 and STS-89 will be in the same orbital plane until 
STS-89 deorbits on Jan 31. Too bad the French couldn't accommodate the 
docking of Soyuz while the shuttle was docked with Mir. Of course, that 
would have seriously affected the Russian-French experiments being 
conducted on board Mir by Eyharts.

Further details can be found on 
in Chris v.d. Berg's latest news report.

Jeff Hunt <jeff@satellite.eu.org>