Iridium 31 flare for L.A.

7 Jan 1998 17:32:02 -0800

Fellow southern Californians,

There will be an excellent flare from Iridium 31 on Thursday evening,
January 8th, around 17:33:40 PST in the L.A. area.  The centerline
track makes landfall near the Long Beach Naval Shipyard (a little
west of the Queen Mary), heading more or less due north.  (The
track moves about 1 mile west for every 20 miles it moves north).
Downtown L.A. and Glendale are probably pretty close to being on
the track, and anywhere between the Harbor and Long Beach
freeways.  The sun will be about 6.5 degrees below the horizon, so
it won't be completely "dark".  But the peak magnitude should
exceed -8 on the centerline:  plenty bright to see in evening twilight.

Clear skies!